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Redwood City County Jail

About Redwood City County Jail

If a loved one is arrested in Redwood City and the individual is male, he will be booked into that Jail Facility. Females are transported to a correctional facility. In either situation, a bail amount will be issued at which point that individual can be bail bonded out.

Jail Information

The Redwood City County jail facility is a substation which serves San Mateo. Males are booked into this facilty and they will most likely stay there until they go to court, unless the Redwood City Police Department decides to transfer the individual to a San Mateo County Jail. If the inmates stays in custody until court, they will then be transported to the Maguire Correctional Facility.

Females are booked into the nearest womens jail facility and will most likely remain there. It's in the inmates best interest to be bailed out of a substation. Being transferred to a County Jail can take a day or days to be processed.

  • Address: 300 Bradford Street Redwood City, California 94063
  • Hours: 24/7